The benefits of a fully hosted e-commerce platform

Establishing an online business of your own has become exponentially easier in recent times, owing to fully hosted ecommerce platforms such asBaselyne. This platform allows you to build an e-commerce store with absolutely no upfront cost or hidden charges. It’s obvious that creating an online presence for your business is a big step and if you are unfamiliar with the benefits of a fully hosted ecommerce platforms vs. a self-hosted platform, then you should do a thorough research before choosing between the two. Let’s take a look at why fully hosted websites are more viable for all magnitudes of businesses in Karachi and across Pakistan.

In this age and time, customers are finicky and smart. They are not just looking for a good product but a fabulous shopping experience.If it doesn’t pleasetheir eyes and match their expectations, they know they have tons of better options to choose from with just a swipe of their fingers. Businesses which operate via online stores in Karachi know the effort and money it takes to boost a website’s SEO ranking to generate leads. If your e-store has good traffic but fewer conversions, then it’s time to review your web design.

Before coming to a conclusion about which option is best suitable for your business, it is essential for you to know the difference between them. A fully hosted platform provisions comprehensive hosting and software services via cloud. This eliminates the need for the business owner to oversee and deal with installation and configuration problems, whilst having access to all operation integral data via cloud computing.

A self-hosted platform, on the other hand, requires for you to set up an infrastructure to install your own server where you can store your data and handle all hosting, software and security operations yourself. Websites are subjected to various bugs and malwares frequently, self-hosted solutions burdens you to safeguard your e-store via setting updated security protocols against all types of viruses and valuable data theft. Not only does it add up to your responsibilities but can cause you to bear huge loss in recovery. Furthermore with no expert support available at your expanse at all times, incompetence in handling all troubleshooting problems promptly can lead to increased downtime of your website. Consequently, hindering your business and losing your customers to your competition.

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, fully hosted platforms offer several other perks. A hands-off approach and less maintenance are some of the many noteworthy benefits. Fully hosted platforms offer expert support at hand which relieves you from dealing with the nitty gritty of hosting, data security issues and saves you time to focus on more pressing matters. It is a great choice especially for those who are not well versed with web design and have inadequate knowledge about coding. In other words, with a hosted platform, you are not burdened with any other responsibility other than flourishing your brand. Furthermore, it also ensures your website does not face any downtime, is updated regularly and performs seamlessly.

Another attractive advantage which particularly excites business men is that it saves you from unexpected fluctuations in price. Everything, including your e-store’s security, is covered by the service provider at a flat fee in comparison to a self-hosted e-store.

In a nutshell, a fully hosted platform outweighs a self-hosted platform by leaps and bounds. Its pros appeal to all types of customers; start-ups and expanding corporations both.

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