Why web design is so important for ecommerce?

Much like a store’s visual display, web design plays a pivotal role for ecommerce websites. Your website’s aesthetics can make or break your business. Imagine walking in an apparel store to shop, and finding unorganized rows of multiple clothing racks packed against each other. Such a store front would immediately faze the customer and would most likely result in losing potential sale. Ecommerce design works exactly like this.

In this age and time, customers are finicky and smart. They are not just looking for a good product but a fabulous shopping experience.If it doesn’t pleasetheir eyes and match their expectations, they know they have tons of better options to choose from with just a swipe of their fingers. Businesses which operate via online stores in Karachi know the effort and money it takes to boost a website’s SEO ranking to generate leads. If your e-store has good traffic but fewer conversions, then it’s time to review your web design.

There are three main web design avenues to evaluate:

When you’re running an e-store you have ample of content to put up, the key to create a successful e-store is to learn the art of balancing your content. It is important for you to refrain from cluttering your web page with excessive pictures and too much description. Instead, you have to strike a balance with a little bit of both.

Let’s be clear, high quality product picture is as significant as the quality of your own product. Think from a customer’s perspective; for your client your product is good as its picture. So a picture taken haphazardly with low quality camera from your phone will not cut it! Your web design largely consists of pictures therefore, low quality pictures equals to low sales.

The placement of your CTA has a direct impact on your sales. If your CTA is not easily visible then the customer will not waste time looking for it, make sure your CTA is placed where it can be easily spotted. Simplicity in your design layout is a great way to go about it.

Creating the perfect aesthetics for your e-store can be quite a task, but you do not need to be intimidated as there is no right or wrong over here. Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be good to go. You can go through trial and error to eventually tweak yourweb design according to your target audience, or can opt for a hassle free alternate like Baselyne. Baselyneis an ecommerce software that offers you to set up a free website with a variety of built in themes that are optimized to generate more sales. Just sign up, choose and your e-store is ready to launch. It’s that easy!

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