Baselyne App Store

Many business owners are still unfamiliar with softwares, and how the right system can have a positive impact on the overall productivity of a business. Baselyne’s App Store is full of softwares that streamline your business, increase efficiency and maximize your profits.

Baselyne Pos

A fully customizable POS system that processes daily transactions, streamlines operations and simplifies management to increase profits.

Baselyne Feedback

The ultimate feedback app that lets you collect, manage, and use customer feedback to refine performance and processes.

Baselyne Business

A must have for all, the Baselyne Business app allows you to manage your accounting, invoicing, inventory and CRM- all at the click of a button.

Baselyne HR

A cloud-based HR Management app that is used to help businesses manage and organize employee data.

Baselyne Payments

A reliable and secure payment processing system that allows you to accept online payments.

Baselyne Rewards

A loyalty program app that rewards your customers via points, store credit, coupons, and discounts enabling you to make new customers and retain old ones.

Baselyne Shipping

A complete shipping app that allows you to manage and ship orders, right from your phone or tablet.

Baselyne Sms

A powerful SMS marketing app that allows you to send SMS messages to multiple recipients so you can generate more leads for your business.

Baselyne Reservation

A booking, reservation, and scheduling app that increases the productivity of your business.

Baselyne Call-Center

A call-center app that provides your customers inbound customer support services around the clock.

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