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Store Front

Custom Design

If you would rather start from scratch and fully-customize your website to give it a distinctive feel and make it , talk to one of our professionals and turn that idea into reality.

Mobile App

Create a powerful mobile app for iOS or Android and connect with people where they are- on their phone. Our in-house custom app developers can build all the features you need for a modernized, user-friendly app.


Baselyne comes with a built-in POS solution that processes daily transactions, streamlines operations and links your e-store to your physical location so you can manage your inventory with ease.

Domain Name

Let us help you purchase a domain name that best suits your brand personality or use one you already have. When you buy domain name with us, we will park your domain and associate it with email and web hosting so you can use it right away. Create urls like: www.yourdomainname.com

Theme Catalogue

Choose a theme from our theme catalogue and give your website a polished and professional look on any device.

Customer Management

Customer Data

Baselyne collects your customers contact information and creates profiles with their names, email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses so you can stay in touch with them. The system also saves their purchase history so you can learn their buying habits.

Customer Support

Take advantage of our Live Chat option and provide your customers instant support on your website around the clock


Stock Management

It’s easy to manage your inventory with Baselyne. It keeps note of stock counts and automatically updates your system as you sell products.

Infinite Products

Sell an unlimited number of products on your e-commerce store with Baselyne.

Product Variations

Offer different sizes, colors, variations for the products listed on your website. You can even set individual prices for each without a hassle.

Multiple images

With Baselyne, you can add multiple images of your product with ease.

Product Categories

Organize your website by categorizing products according to type, size, fabric, color, new arrival, sale, etc.


Facebook Pixel

Track your website visitors, get a better understanding of your audience, optimize ads and retarget your buyers with the Facebook Pixel feature on Baselyne.


Hotjar works with your e-commerce store to tell you which areas of your site show heavy traffic and interaction.

Google Analytics

Learn about your customers, track sales and use data to make informed decisions using Google Analytics on Baselyne.


Enjoy a personalized Dashboard and manage your sales, orders, shipping, and payments with just a few clicks.

Manage from anywhere

Use your mobile phone to fulfill orders, manage inventory, analyze customer data, and view insights and reports on the go.


Gain insights into your business and make informed decisions with various reports including.



Baselyne offers an integrated payment processing solution called Opay that instantly allows you to accept payments via Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, our platform also supports Paypal, and Stripe, 2Checkout transactions.

Cash on Delivery

Being a popular form of payment for a lot of e-commerce websites, Baselyne also supports Cash on Delivery transactions.

Web Hosting

SSL Enabled

Baselyne has SSL encryption so you can rest assured that your data remains private and integral.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Baselyne offers unlimited bandwidth which means that you will never have to pay for the number of people that visit your website.

Unlimited Email Forwarding

When you purchase your domain name through Baselyne, you enjoy unlimited email forwarding.

99.98% Uptime

With Baselyne, you will never have to deal with downtime. Our team works hard to ensure your website is always up and running.


Client Support

Baselyne offers help and support to all our clients around the clock. In the case of any issues, you can always contact us via phone or email, and our experts will be more than happy to assist you until the problem is resolved.

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